segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2018

A obra do pintor Andrey Shishkin

Russian artist Andrey Shishkin was born in Moscow in 1960. Here he lives and works in his own studio to this day. Andrey Shishkin works in the genre of a realistic academic painting and creates psychological portraits, that amaze by their magnificence. Portrait painting is one of the most difficult genres, because the emphasis is shifting our perception of the important part – face, which is a reflection of person’s essence. Artist Andrei Shishkin has an opportunity to look through the prism of artistry, to discover something new, beauty, depth and character that amazes and fascinates, makes us think about the transience of time, of the wonderful moments, the depth of the human soul. Engaged in painting 15 years, Andrey Shishkin has no special art education, and didn’t take part in art exhibitions. He took part in the decoration of churches. The artist works on order and sells his paintings online. VER MAIS

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